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Tamago Ramen

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This restaurant has closed or moved to another city

Tamago Ramen is the latest ramen shop in the city centre. I was tipped by a friend to try them out, so I did. My favourite go-to dish is the Udon Curry with Chicken Katsu. I order mine with white rice because Japanese white rice is one of my favourite side dishes. The Curry with Chicken Katsu is the perfect warm comfort meal. Best of all is that Tamago uses white meat chicken for the katsu.

I have a thing about white and dark meat chicken, as in I don’t like dark meat chicken. I prefer white meat (breast meat) any time.

As for the ramen, I usually try the Shoyu Veggie Ramen when eating ramen, but it was sold out on the day I ate there. But going on how busy the shop was during lunch and reviews I got from my friend, the ramen is top-notch.

Tamago Ramen is a little shop, smaller scale than Takumi ramen, hence their food sells out faster and delivery is not available all the time. You can order takeaway or eat in. It also tends to be busy, but most people don’t linger very long if you don’t mind waiting for a table.