The Hague Food Guide

Since moving to The Hague over a decade ago, I (Darice) have become a bit of a foodie. I started sharing the places I eat at through my blog. But as the content has become outdated I created this food guide to keep track of my go to places. Here you’ll find places I go to regularly or semi-regularly in a year. Almost all these places are in the city center.

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I keep going to them because the food quality is consistent, the service is friendly and the price/quality is good. I know that the chances of being disappointed are small. I’m not paid or get any compensation to recommend these places.

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Recent update:


With Autumn approaching I’m trying to eat out as much as possible before it’s too cold to sit outside or for restaurants to keep the doors open for better ventilation.

There isn’t much left over of Covid rules inside many restaurants. Tables are close to each other. Not to mention clients who won’t keep distance when walking around or worse go out even if they have symptoms. For me, an at risk person, it’s just anxiety inducing instead of a relaxing couple of hours enjoying good food.

Hopefully some restaurants will play it smart and come up with a solution for the ventilation problem and create a safe place to eat out during the cold months.


Okini pop up information board

A friend tipped me a couple of months ago about this pop up Japanese lunch spot, Okini. They are located at Beergarden/Tengu Izakaya on Kerkplein. They are only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 15:00. The hamburger...


Bartine Cafe

Before Corona I never went to Bartine. It was forever on my list of places to go to, but for some reason I never did. During corona lockdown, they were/are open every weekend for pick up. For freshly baked pastries,...



Kaafi has been around for a couple of years. But with a couple of steady go to places, I just didn't get around to go there more than once or twice. Then came Corona and the balance was disturbed. The...

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

Single Estate Coffe Roasters

Zeeheldenkwartier has a new coffee bar since last year. Best of all a coffee place that sells their own roast of which they have a Swiss washed decaf. They are also the first in The Hague with a brew bar....



2020 is the year of ramen and Japanese food trends. It started slowly in 2017 but is now gaining traction at full speed. First came the poke bowl shops. Which now to my last count there are 7. Starting at...

Perron X Coffee


Perron X Coffee is one of my favourite coffee bars. They serve their own specialty roast and best of all they have a decaf roast. They are open 7 days a week, early morning till early evening and on holidays....



This tiny Italian lunchroom can be found at Bankastraat. If it was closer by you'd find me here at least once a week. But considering I seldom venture out to Bankastraat plus the fact that Limoncello opening hours varies, it...

Haley’s Comet Breakfastclub

Haley's Comet Breakfast Club

When I'm in Zeeheldenkwartier to shop at Kelly's Expat or need a break from the inner city crowd, sometimes I drop by Haley's Comet Breakfastclub for lunch. An 80's inspired breakfast/lunchroom. There is an arcade machine, gameboy's and old comic...

Momiji Ramen

Momiji Ramen

Since I ate Pho at Vietstreet I'm hooked on noodles. In the same street as Vietstreet you have Momiji Ramen. Momiji is the perfect place to sit at the bar stool looking outside on a rainy day and enjoy a...

Filtro Specialty Coffee Bar


At Filtro you can get excellent coffee. A selection of loose leaf tea, vegan cakes and sandwiches. Filtro was one of the first speciality coffee bars in the Hague. Since then a couple more have opened. Hummus Sandwich Filtro used...

Wings & Flats

Wings and Flats

Photo by Wings & Flats If there is one thing missing in The Hague, it's good chicken wings. Thank goodness for Wings & Flats. They deep fry their wings, which is the "secret sauce" to tasty wings. Dutch cuisine put...



Vietstreet is my go to place for beef Pho. Every time I go there I order Pho. I haven't have Pho anywhere else so I can't compare how good this one is. But I like it. The broth is light,...

Queru, ‘Cantina Mexicana’

Queru Cantina Mexicana

The Hague city center now counts 3 traditional Mexican restaurants. With Queru as the newest one. All three their food are inspired from different parts of Mexico, hence they differ some in how they cook their food. At Queru the...



I finally caved to the poke bowl trend. I had tried a sushirrito before but wasn’t wowed by it. One day I didn’t want to cook, but didn’t want anything too unhealthy and still filling. I went to Ohana and...

Woeng Kee

Woeng Kee

Opinions vary on which is the best restaurant in Chinatown. For me, it is Woeng Kee. Woeng Kee has a couple of dishes that are my go to, like honey and walnuts chicken or fried ravioli beef dim sum. They...

South of Houston

South of Houston

When it’s time for sitting down for wining and dining, my go-to place is South of Houston. There isn't much to say, just that so far, I have never been disappointed here. They have a delicious mac and cheese side...

Cencalli, La Casa del Maíz


This little Mexican place can be found in a side street next to Plein. I discovered it by happenstance before they opened. I went there as soon as they opened and have been there a couple of times since. They...

Five Guys

Five Guys

Finally, a fast food joint where I eat almost guilty free. Five Guys also has a basic menu, which still leaves people wondering what they are going to eat. It’s pretty simple. Hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, hotdog or grilled cheese...

Salsa Shop

Salsa Shop

Salsa Shop is the minimalist place to eat. Or if you have a difficult time making a choice. Their menu is pretty simple. Beef (2 kinds), chicken, pork or vegetarian. Taco, burrito, bowl or a salad. They all come with...

Baladi Manouche

Baladi Manouche

This little Lebanese manouche place is one of my regular go to places. My favorite is the baked falafel with veggies. Their fresh lemon juice is addictive and if you still have room, try their Halawa sweet manouche. Everything is...

Mr. Bap

Mr Bap

Mr. Bap is a small Korean lunchroom that is easy to miss. It’s run by a Korean family — like sitting in their living room while they cook a meal for you. I especially like their Kimchi pancake and the...

‘t Achterommetje


Hidden in the alley of The Passage, this small sandwich, salad and soup place can be found. Ideal for a quiet lunch or a built your own grilled cheese sandwich. Try their meat sandwich or veggie burger. It’s your typical...