The Hague Food Guide


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Takumi has been around for a couple of years and still going strong. I still buy ramen from them every now and then. They have been consistent with their food quality. Definitely still a go-to place.


Takumi took this lockdown and went all out with their delivery and take away. Cool designed paper bags, special containers, instruction sheet to assemble and heat your ramen. They also sell t-shirts and sweaters. The quality of the food hasn’t suffered. Even their chopsticks comes in a nice wrapper. Even now in 2022 yo can still order takeaway or delivery.

They have an extensive ramen menu, curry dishes and several side dishes.

There is Japanese beer, non-alcoholic beer, Ramune (that are tricky to open without it spraying everywhere), green tea and your regular selection of softdrinks.

My favourite ramen is the veggie shoyu ramen. I order it with extra toppings. Next I want to try the Spicy Veggie Ramen. The ramen is so filling that I don’t have any more room for dessert. They have black sesam ice cream and matcha ice cream.

Curiously, there is no beef dish on the menu. There is everything, from tuna, pork to shrimp and fried chicken. But no beef.