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Single Estate Coffee Roasters

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Decaf Flat White

Zeeheldenkwartier has a new coffee bar since last year. Best of all a coffee place that sells their own roast of which they have a Swiss washed decaf. They are also the first in The Hague with a brew bar. Of course, you can also get your espresso machine coffee, slow-drip and Aeropress coffee.

Excellent news for caffeine addicts and decaf drinkers.

Single Estate also serves breakfast and lunch plus several decadent croissant desserts freshly baked every day. The cheesecake croissant especially is awesome. You won’t find such a decadent dessert easily.

Service and attention to details is a selling point at Single Estate. The moment you are seated you are served with water and the menu. No ordering at the bar here. You get a nice little card with your coffee explaining the origin, roasting process and taste.

Decaf coffee card

Single Estate is definitely a place to frequent often. It’s not right in the city center, which means you can avoid the day people and tourist flow. It’s especially nice on a Sunday afternoon to relax.

I have strong opinions on decaf coffee and the stigma around ordering decaf at a coffee bar. Hence, coffee bars that serve speciality decaf are high on my list of good places.