The Hague Food Guide

Queru, ‘Cantina Mexicana’

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Queru has been steadily delivering quality Mexican food during the lockdown. I have had the taco gringa, hongos (mushrooms) tacos and the beef taco. Their dessert of churros con dulce de leche is delicious. You can order through your service of choice or call them directly.

Taco gringa de pollo
Taco gringa de pollo with a side salad and guacamole

The Hague city center now counts 3 traditional Mexican restaurants. With Queru as the newest one. All three their food are inspired from different parts of Mexico, hence they differ some in how they cook their food.

At Queru the portions are enough to fill you up and good for sharing with others also. Their larger taco platters is a lot.

I opted for smaller dishes such as Quesadilla de Hongos, Guacamole de la casa con tostados, Gringa de Pollo al Pastor Style (pictured). Loved this one. And a crepe de Dulce de Leche for dessert. It was a lot of food for me.

Their regular menu is not large, but they have a full specials menu with many choices. Such as empana with duck confit, steak flank and kimchi Mexican style tacos. And several more unique dishes like that. Queru is currently my favorite one in ambience/food/price/quality.

If you plan on going, make reservations. It’s a small restaurant and they get full fast. When I went I sat at the bar and when I left there were people waiting in line for a table.