The Hague Food Guide


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FLFL opened months ago in Spuistraat across Ladage. Since they opened I have been there a couple of times, enough to know they are consistently good. They have the most minimalist menu you can get. It’s all about falafel, which they hand-make fresh.

You can order a falafel wrap, regular or large. Spicy or non-spicy. You can opt for a falafel salad if you don’t want a wrap. I prefer the regular falafel. It’s filling enough for me. I found the salad lacking and it didn’t fill me up. I can’t do without carbs.

The spicy is very spicy, so don’t get that one if you are not used to eating spicy food. Last time I asked them to just give me half the amount of spice and that was good enough.

The falafel is freshly made, and the wrap is filled with falafels and fresh salad. As far as I know, they don’t have garlic sauce Every time I asked for sauce, I only got tahini or spicy. Their falafel is good, I have no complaints, just the right amount of spices. They also sell falafels for eating at home.

FLFL has been handy when I’m running errands in the neighbourhood or working from home and want a healthy meal fast.

Spuistraat is filled with fast food places but thanks to FLFL and Ekmekci1 you have healthier choices in that area.

  1. I tried them twice but both times the food was way too salty for my tastes. ↩︎