The Hague Food Guide

Five Guys

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Finally, a fast food joint where I eat almost guilty free. Five Guys also has a basic menu, which still leaves people wondering what they are going to eat. It’s pretty simple. Hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, hotdog or grilled cheese sandwich. All one price/size each with your choice of toppings. Little fries or big fries, without salt, with salt or with cajun spice. One size drink, any kind, free refill, and milkshakes.

Be aware that their little burger is a regular sized burger and their little fries can feed two people. The regular burger has two beef patties.

The great thing about Five Guys is that everything is fresh, they don’t use microwaves. Your burger patty is made on order, french fries are fresh cut from fresh potatoes, always from a different farmer. Beware: Five Guys is not for people with a peanuts allergy! They use peanut oil and there are traces of peanuts everywhere.