The Hague Food Guide


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Before Corona I never went to Bartine. It was forever on my list of places to go to, but for some reason I never did. During corona lockdown, they were/are open every weekend for pick up. For freshly baked pastries, coffee and fresh sourdough bread from Opheo.

Bartine became my sole weekly outing, thanks to the awesome bread, pastries, and the possibility to order outside and easily keep 1.5m distance. Bonus for me, they also serve decaf. Although, I’m not sure if it is a specialty roast or a regular decaf coffee.

Once places reopened I went there tfor a late lunch and tried their food. The falafel pita bread and sweet potato fries are decadent and like no other, I tasted before.

Falafel Pita Bread / Sweet Potato Fries
Falafel Pita Bread / Sweet Potato Fries

Their pastries are seriously superior and highly addictive.