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Tamago Ramen

Tamago Ramen shop

Tamago Ramen is the latest ramen shop in the city centre. I was tipped by a friend to try them out, so I did. My favourite go-to dish is the Udon Curry with Chicken Katsu. I order mine with white...



Takumi has been around for a couple of years and still going strong. I still buy ramen from them every now and then. They have been consistent with their food quality. Definitely still a go-to place. Takumi took this lockdown...

Momiji Ramen

Momiji shop window with big sign above that says By Momiji

Momiji is the perfect place to sit at the bar stool looking outside on a rainy day and enjoy a bowl of ramen. At Momiji they make their own fresh noodles. It doesn't get more authentic than that. They also...