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Kaafi has been around for a couple of years. But with a couple of steady go to places, I just didn't get around to go there more than once or twice. Then came Corona and the balance was disturbed. The...

Perron X Coffee


Perron X Coffee is one of my favourite coffee bars. They serve their own specialty roast and best of all they have a decaf roast. They are open 7 days a week, early morning till early evening and on holidays....

Haley’s Comet Breakfastclub

Haley's Comet Breakfast Club

When I'm in Zeeheldenkwartier to shop at Kelly's Expat or need a break from the inner city crowd, sometimes I drop by Haley's Comet Breakfastclub for lunch. An 80's inspired breakfast/lunchroom. There is an arcade machine, gameboy's and old comic...

‘t Achterommetje


Hidden in the alley of The Passage, this small sandwich, salad and soup place can be found. Ideal for a quiet lunch or a built your own grilled cheese sandwich. Try their meat sandwich or veggie burger. It’s your typical...