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Netherlands Bagels

Jalapeño bagel in paper wrap

Netherlands Bagels is the place to be to get your New York style bagel fix. They make fresh bagels every day. There are also a varying of specials during the months and pastries. I usually drop by to buy bagels...



Kaafi has been around for a couple of years. But with a couple of steady go to places, I just didn't get around to go there more than once or twice. Then came Corona and the balance was disturbed. The...

Perron X Coffee


Perron X Coffee is one of my favourite coffee bars. They serve their own specialty roast and best of all they have a decaf roast. They are open 7 days a week, early morning till early evening and on holidays....

‘t Achterommetje


Hidden in the alley of The Passage, this small sandwich, salad and soup place can be found. Ideal for a quiet lunch or a built your own grilled cheese sandwich. Try their meat sandwich or veggie burger. It’s your typical...