The Hague Food Guide


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Sababa recently opened in Prinsestraat where Confetti used to be. They describe their food as “street food from the Middle East”. Hence I was excited to try them out. It took three tries because the first two they were closed unexpectedly and didn’t mention it on Instagram. But the third time was the charm.

I ordered the Sababa Sabich to try. It was good, healthish street food. I wouldn’t go so far tho to equate it to Middle East taste. Baladi Manouche is a traditional taste, Sababa is more like someone I know who told me, “a Dutchified taste”. Still good food but not traditional Middle Eastern taste in my personal opinion.

If pita, hummus, falafel, salads and flatbreads are your thing. This is a go-to for lunch. Most of the menu is vegetarian. They have several side dishes, ranging from sweet potato fries to aubergine harissa bitterballen.

I only tried their Sabich, Pulled Pado and a side of sweet potato fries so far. A pita is very filling. Unless you are sharing with others that will be enough to feel satisfied.

This one is definitely on my list for when I’m craving pita bread with vegetarian fillings. They have outside seating during warm seasons and inside there is also plenty of seats.