The Hague Food Guide

Quick Take Away Comfort Food

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There are some days (or many days) when you just don’t feel like cooking, at all. When a grilled cheese sandwich dinner or lunch won’t do. For those days I have a list of places where I can get a quick comfort meal for a decent price within walking distance. I’ll drop by and order there if I know they are quick with prepping it or I’ll order it online for pickup. I never eat in most of these places, but they are ideal for a quick lunch or dinner pickup.

Pazze e Pizze

Plate with pizza slides and pasta salad
Margherita slice and white (no tomato sauce) taleggio pizza with peas

When I have a pasta salad and want something more filling with it, I get a couple of slices from Pazze e Pizze. Their pizzas are not the traditional rounded ones but rectangle-shaped. They have a selection of meat, vegetarian and vegan slices. They also have a couple of the traditional rounded pizzas, pasta and cold meat cuts. These two slices pictured are my favourite and I have leftovers for the next day as two rectangles are very filling.


If you want more non-traditional pizza topping, think sriracha or blue cheese, give Sugo a try. They also have mac and cheese and lasagnas. So much cheesy goodness you’ll get a food coma.

Box with different pizza slices
Tomato and pesto, caramelized onions with gorgonzola and a mushrooms sice

Sugo can be found outside the city centre, closer to Bierkade. You can order it online so no need to walk/bike there.

Asian Street Food by Momiji

Close up shot of fried noodles
Fried Vegetarian Noodles

Asian Street Food by Momiji is the epitome of street food; fast, cheap and delicious. My go-to here are the fried noodles or fried rice. If I’m extra hungry I’ll get a side of vegetarian dumplings or eggrolls. They have an extensive menu with amongst other steamed buns, chicken karaage, Chinese pancake and more. Don’t sleep on this one.

Day Dream Deli

I have no idea how I overlooked Day Dream Deli all this time. It’s thanks to a mention on Instagram that I got wise about them. I could slap my forehead, I mean they sell my most favourite thing, sandwiches! for which they bake their own bread and prep and smoke their own meat!

Strictly speaking, I should stay clear from brined food due to the high sodium. But their pastrami is so good and I say this as someone who is not a meat lover. At Day Dream Deli they sell Montreal Style Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

I tried their hamburger which is made with ‘French Limousin Beef Patty’. We are talking of a whole other level of hamburger compared to lets say, Five Guys. At Day Dream they mean business. Most important of all, the brioche bun is excellent, soft and will not turn to mush from the hamburger juices. Next time I’m hoping to try the Classic Montreal or the Brisalon, it’s very hard to choose.

Netherlands Bagels

I met Karen through Instagram before the pandemic and I followed her journey into starting Netherlands Bagels. First as a delivery bagel shop out from Rotterdam. And now with their own full shop after a successful crowdfunding, in The Hague.

At Netherlands Bagels you can get authentic New York bagels. Karen is a native New Yorker, you get the real deal here. For the New York and bagels fans I recommend you to try their bodega style bagel. They are vegan friendly and have several vegan options. My personal current favourite is the jalapeño bagel. Their everything bagel is also authentic and unique here in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Bagels usually has specials going so keep an eye on their Instagram stories. I love getting bagels to go and make my own creations at home.

The menu has been slightly updated since I took the photo and I believe the turkey bacon has now been replaced with beef bacon. I’m hoping to try that soon, I never had beef bacon before.

The shop is safe to eat in as they are strict about Covid-19 restrictions. I am planning to eat in here and do a full stand-alone review.