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This restaurant has closed or moved to another city

A friend tipped me a couple of months ago about this pop up Japanese lunch spot, Okini. They are located at Beergarden/Tengu Izakaya on Kerkplein. They are only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 15:00.

The hamburger trend died out and is now overtaken by the Asian food trend. The amount of bubble teas, poke bowls, ramen and other Asian food places to open the past years is huge. Okini being one of the several newest addition. Now my favorite addition.

Okini’s specialities are katsu and curry. Best of all they have tofu katsu. They also serve karaage (Japanese fried chicken). I ordered the rice bowl with tofu katsu and sauce, Tofu sauce katsu don.

It was simple and yet so good. Definite something I want to eat often.

If you get a chance you definitely should check them out. I hope they’ll become fixed lunch spot with delivery and/or take away. Because I wouldn’t mind eating there regularly.