The Hague Food Guide

Netherlands Bagels

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Netherlands Bagels is the place to be to get your New York style bagel fix. They make fresh bagels every day. There are also a varying of specials during the months and pastries. I usually drop by to buy bagels for home. You can freeze them easily.

We are talking about authentic quality bagels. Years and years ago I used to frequent a popular bagels franchise, but after a couple of dry and hard bagels, I stopped going. I’m happy there is now a place here in The Hague where I can satisfy my bagel cravings.

You can get all varieties and some. Plain, poppy seeds, sesame, onion, garlic, everything, jalapeño and cheddar, and recently also zaatar. There is also cream cheese with chives. Best to follow them on Instagram to know when there are specials available

They also serve quality coffee from Manhattan coffee roasters from Rotterdam.