The Hague Food Guide

Gangnam Chicken

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Finally! A good fried chicken place that is not KFC. As an Aruban, from an island where chicken wings are serious business, I have been disappointed by the quality of roasted and fried chicken here. Until recently the only places I got my chicken wings from were KFC and Wings and Flats. But now there is Gangnam Chicken and they are not kidding.

It’s Korean, it’s spicy, it’s tasty and crispy.

The place itself is busy with delivery riders and dark inside, not a gezellig place to eat. Best to get it takeaway or have it delivered. Although they do have an old skool arcade there, which you can play while waiting for your food.

It’s super simple, pick your chicken or mushrooms for the vegetarians. Pick your sauce and side dishes. I got to the wings with honey/lemon. But it’s actually just honey no lemon taste at all. Still tastes good if you like you wings sweet. Next time I’m going with the soy/garlic as I have been told it’s the best tasting one. The spicy Korean pepper is really spicy from what I read.

Their side dishes are Korean such as pickled radish, sweet & sour cabbage, kimchi, steamed rice and sweet & sour cauliflower. There are also french fries, which are a bit expensive but you get a lot. Too much for me to be honest. There are more odd and bits on their menu.

Vegetarians don’t need to miss out as you can get fried mushrooms and cauliflower. They serve a good portion, and together with some side dishes you’ll be left full.