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DuckRabbit Coffee Brewers

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Latest coffee bar addition and what a one! It has been years since I spent over an hour in a coffee place, reading a book, eating something and just chilling. For me the vibe of the place, the barista, it all needs to sync.

Enter DuckRabbit Coffee Brewers located at Molenstraat 63. A small place with calming interior and lights where owner and barista, Wesley, prepares an excellent cup of coffee for you. They serve a rotation of specialty coffee.

Being a decaf person myself, I love that they have Decaf Dan by Caffènation. I haven’t had a flat white this good since the days of Jack at Filtro.

There is also a selection of cakes to choose from and self-serve water. You can also buy coffee for at home, which is of course very handy. I like that DuckRabbit is slowly getting me out of my get coffee to go funck and entices me to sit down a moment and enjoy my coffee sitting there. I got so used to getting it to go the past three years, it’s a challenge to slow down again outside of home.