The Hague Food Guide

Day Dream Deli

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Day Dream is a very popular small sandwich shop you can find close to Prinsestraat and Hofkwartier. They sell meat sandwiches and burgers. Day Dream Deli is the only place you can get authentic meat sandwiches. They smoke their own meat, make their own burger meat and also bake their own bread. You get the highest quality sandwiches here.

Strictly speaking, I should stay clear from brined food due to the high sodium. But their pastrami is so good and I say this as someone who is not a meat lover. At Day Dream Deli they sell Montreal Style Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Reuben, Cheesesteaks, and poutine among others.

I tried their hamburger which is made with ‘French Limousin Beef Patty’. We are talking of a whole other level of hamburger compared to lets say, Five Guys. At Day Dream they mean business. Most important of all, the brioche bun is excellent, soft and will not turn to mush from the hamburger juices.

If you are a meat lover, you should definitely not miss out on Day Dream Deli.