The Hague Food Guide

Daddy Donuts x Churros Cartel

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This restaurant has closed or moved to another city

Photo from Daddy Donuts x Churros Cartel

The Hague now has its very own donuts shop with fresh made heavenly donuts every day. This is the kinda place I really need to do my best to resist because otherwise, I’ll be eating donuts all the time. It’s the gourmet version of donuts. From your basic glazed donuts to macha donuts and churros. Dunkin Donuts can’t compare wit these donuts.

There are a couple of vegan options for the donuts. They have several kinds, I haven’t tried them all yet. Recently they also serve Churros and Freak Shakes which is a milkshake with donuts. It looks awesome but way too much for me. I still need to try out the churros. I’m a comfort animal so I always go for the donuts 🙂