The Hague Food Guide

Cencalli, La Casa del Maíz

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This restaurant has closed or moved to another city

This little Mexican place can be found in a side street next to Plein. I discovered it by happenstance before they opened. I went there as soon as they opened and have been there a couple of times since.

They cook authentic Mexican food here. No tex mex or anything of that kind. They make their own corn tortillas from scratch which really adds to a good flavor. My favorite dish there is Tacos al Pastor. Which spit-grilled marinated pork meat. I don’t really like pork meat, but this one is excellent. They serve it on Thursday and Friday nights.

Last time I was there I tried their Taco de Nopal. Grilled fresh cactus leaves from Mexico. If you are adventurous food wise you should try it.

Taco de Nopal